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The Defence Committee

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The Defence Committee investigating IHAT labelled  the probe an "unmitigated disaster".


MPs said that IHAT had subjected serving and retired troops to "deeply disturbing" treatment and had "directly harmed" UK defences. The MoD was blamed for empowering law firms to generate cases that lacked credibility on an "industrial scale".

The Defence Committee said it was "deeply concerned" the MoD had used public funds to cover the costs of those who were bringing "spurious and unassessed" cases against the war veterans and about the lack of support for those accused.

IHAT investigators used "intimidatory tactics", including "deeply disturbing" methods such as impersonating the police. Serving and retired soldiers were also spied on.

Johnny Mercer MP, Chair of the sub-Committee inquiry, said: "Throughout this process there has been an almost total disregard of the welfare of soldiers and their families. We need to hold our people in the highest esteem and a repeat of IHAT must never be allowed to happen again.

"The MoD must take responsibility for allowing this to happen. They could have discriminated between credible and non-credible cases yet they lacked the will to do so..."


If you were under false investigation by IHAT, join our action.

The “witch hunt” is over - now let justice be done


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