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Phil Shiner & Red Snapper

British Army

At the heart of this “web of deceit” was Phil Shiner, a lawyer once admired by the legal establishment.

Phil Shiner used huge sums of taxpayers’ money to orchestrate this “witch-hunt”.

Hired agents sought false stories of abuses from Iraqis. Questionnaires were circulated to encourage fraudulent tales of war crimes.

As the claims deluge rose, the Government established IHAT.

IHAT subsequently contracted a company called Red Snapper - largely made up of ex-police
detectives - to conduct investigations. A parliamentary inquiry heard how Red Snapper investigators turned up at family homes or military barracks to demand information and even threaten arrest, yet had no authority to do so.

They were also in the habit of falsely introducing themselves as police officers — the only conviction was of one of its own private investigators for impersonating a police officer.  The entire thrust of IHAT’s work crumbled as more and more revelations came to light. In 2017, Phil Shiner was struck off a solicitor after being found guilty by a professional tribunal of multiple misconduct charges, including dishonesty and lack of integrity.


If you were under false investigation by IHAT, join our action.

The “witch hunt” is over - now let justice be done


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