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The War Hero falsely accused by IHAT

Brian Wood

Brian Wood MC was awarded the highly prestigious Military Cross for his actions in Iraq in 2004 when his unit was ambushed.

But, five years later, the father-of-two received a letter through the post informing him that he was being investigated for murder under the Iraq Historic Abuse Team.

The false claims were later thrown out and the lawyer in charge of many of the cases was struck off for misconduct.

"The allegations were of the highest order - unlawful killing, mutilation and mistreatment of prisoners of war,” says Brian.
"I can speak for me and my soldiers and what they've put us through for that period of time, it was damaging to a degree of careers, marriage split ups and also fuelling the fire of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and the trauma that we had seen on the battlefield…”

The “witch hunt” is over - now let justice be done


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